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Personal Financial Planning

Over the years we had a built up a range of ISAs, equities & pensions which were not being actively managed & were difficult to monitor. We wanted someone to look at our financial arrangements & provide independent, impartial advice. We chose Generation FS through a personal recommendation & because of their open, fee-based approach.

The paid report highlighted areas for improvement in our portfolio management, helped us to understand our pension requirements, and drew our attention to insurances, wills & trusts which would maximise the value in our estate.

After considering the report we decided to use Generation FS to manage the process of consolidating our investments under a suitable discretionary fund manager which they helped us to select and who’s performance they actively monitor.

Both Andy & Shai took the time & effort to ensure that we had all the information we required and were always available for any questions & support. We are looking forward to an ongoing relationship where they monitor our financial position and provide continued advice to ensure that we make best use of our finances.

Mr & Mrs Peacock

I have been delighted with the service provided by Shai at Generations. He conducted a thorough review of my situation and financial assets, before providing a very comprehensive letter advising me on the various actions I should consider, such as writing a Will and considering my tax position more carefully as well as how we might put a more tax efficient portfolio together.

We also spent time considering my risk profile to ensure I was completely comfortable with the investments he proposed. I met a number of investment managers and settled on one, who we meet regularly to discuss the markets and my portfolio.

At the end of the tax year, Shai is keen to ensure we have made best use of allowances tax efficient investments as far as possible.

It is great to know I have Shai and his team looking out for my best interests.

Read the full case study here.

Sue Williams

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Employee Benefit Service and Auto Enrolment


Generation Financial Services has provided us with an exceptional level of proactive support, providing professional and expert advice in a friendly, efficient and well explained manner.

Their service provides a smooth transition away from our previous large, well-known firm of advisers. We have had fantastic feedback from employees and the Union. Generation Financial Services is a professional company with whom it’s nice to do business with.

Jan Toppari
Director, Fortum O&M (UK) Ltd


We tendered our Auto Enrolment requirements with three different providers in the market and one of the key factors in choosing Generation Financial Services was simply due to the fact that their proposal was the most complete and would cause the minimal disruption to our payroll department. We were looking for a provider who could assist our payroll department. In addition our management team felt that we could work well with GFS from the very first meeting due to their friendly and honest approach.

Bhavin Shai
Sigma Pharmaceutical (500 staff)

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Business Partners

Bond International Software

Our organisation understands the important of having the right advice from an organisation that understands how we operate and the ethos of the business, that is why we chose to work with Generation Financial Services. We also needed a partner that we could trust to make the right decisions and advise our customers correctly, so having had such a good experience ourselves as a Generation Financial Services client, we had no doubt in our minds that we wanted to partner with Generation Financial Services to supply financial advice to our clients, especially at this time of significant reforms in the pensions arena.

Working with Generation Financial Services has been one of the most effective decisions we have made and one that has been greatly appreciated by all of the Bond clients that work with them.

Neil Lagden
Bond International Software (UK) Ltd

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